Why Is Internet Media Favored Over TV In The Last 5 Years?

The internet is surely making a move on the TV business and changing the face of media forever. The television provides programs that are scheduled on a number of broadcast channels.

However, today people can watch the same shows and matches on their tablets and smartphones using the internet, without having to adhere to a fixed time.


GrowlBoyz – debuting this summer in internet

With Internet, there is availability of lots of controversial series. Want an example? Take a look at Growl Boyz, series that’s about to be launched this summer. It will features the historical approach to homosexual relations, kind of. There is a lot of mentions of ancient cult of masked men, their sexual relations and fantasies of becoming super half-animal, half-humans. Can you imagine this series being available in your prime time TV channel?

Update – 30/10/2018 – Growl Boyz? No – Missionary Boys!

Missionary Boys

We are here to update you with some brand new information about Growl Boyz project. Bad news is… this will never see a daylight. It’s been abandoned for reasons unknown. There are good news too. Instead of growling boys we will see missionary gay boys, where classic mormon boys scenarios of initiations are taking a huge gay turn. The Order is a secret pack of cultists depraving good boys into gay men.

What Makes It Popular Among The People Today?

The world today moves at a pace that is so fast that you will easily get left behind if you lose control even for a few days. In this era, people do not have time to sit and wait for a favourite show or cancel some important meeting to watch their favourite team play.

  • With the help of the internet, the viewers are in complete control of what they watch and can have their personalized playlists and TV websites to binge-watch an entire series.
  • The commentary to every match can be immediately accessed from social media, and you do not have to wait for the TV Guide or the newspaper.
  • Commercials can easily be watched on YouTube.
  • Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are this generations TV who prefer these options over television over the air (OTA) for shows, sports and subscriptions.
  • The price for high quality viewing through Netflix and YouTube is comparatively lower as compared to the same quality on the Television.


Social TV is an outcome of the joining of TV and the web. Twitter, Facebook, and a developing rundown of tablet applications permit evaluations, checking-in and immediate correspondence between watchers, on-screen characters and characters.

Valentine’s Day meals were scratched off this year while watchers gorged on “House of Cards.” What’s more, a portion of the general population who watched these projects did as such with their folks.

The distinction is that students tuned in hours after working on their workstations while doing homework. Late-night labourers lifted it up toward the beginning of the day. The web has disturbed the broadcast business, yet not TV itself.

Television has the staggering energy to unite individuals, by motivating individuals to put resources into its characters and their stories. That isn’t probably going to change, regardless of whether scenes are precisely metered out or orgy viewed. Individuals frantically need to recognize the end result for any dominant character in a story. In any case, they need to know during a period that is best for them, not best for the system, and they need the world to recognize their contemplation of the show.

The importance of internet marketing or new media marketing cannot be ignored in the present circumstances. Well-known analyst like Gartner has revealed that many consumers utilize the mobile internet and social media to study about the products and services before making any purchase.

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