Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Media Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important things to do whenever you want to promote a service or product. Without it, it is almost impossible to attract potential customers and sell your product. However, there is more than one way to market a product, but the most popular ones are social media marketing and traditional media marketing. Marketing techniques have changed to a great extent and one reason behind it is the fact that buyers have also evolved. Whether you like it or not, traditional media marketing is something that is slowly becoming obsolete and companies are moving towards social media marketing. To clear things out, here you will find a simple comparison between social media marketing and traditional media marketing.

Traditional media marketing is not at all a small field, instead it is rather big. When we talk about traditional marketing then there are many examples that come to mind. These include the commercials that you see on the TV, the advertisements in magazines and newspapers, you may also find traditional marketing if you ever turn on the radio in your car. However, it is difficult to determine that whether it is doing a good job or not.

Social media marketing is a completely different story and it has made a major impact on the way marketing is done. Traditional marketing worked on the principle that the advertisement or commercial had to be broadcasted to as many people possible. After that, the marketer only had the option to hope that some people might have received the broadcast. This is not the way social media marketing works and does not work on the principle of broadcasting.

One of the major benefits that social media marketing has over traditional media marketing is that it is very cost effective. You will only have to pay a fraction of the money that you would need for traditional marketing and you will get your job done in a far better way. As mentioned earlier, traditional media tends to send data everywhere and homes that someone will receive it. This is not the case with social media marketing because here it is easier to pinpoint the target.

Switching to social media marketing from traditional media marketing might be a great decision as it can be highly beneficial. This move will surely effect your business in a very good way and you will certainly like your decision in the longer run.

These were a few things that you should know about social media marketing and traditional media marketing. Both are ways to market a product or service but social media marketing is clearly the winner and better option. Social media marketing brings a lot of benefits with itself and that is why it has become a preferred choice among people. The fact that it costs almost nothing is another advantage and that is why it is getting a lot more attention. When it comes to traditional marketing then it is very expensive and there is a lesser chance that you will be able to market the product successfully.

The importance of internet marketing or new media marketing cannot be ignored in the present circumstances. Well-known analyst like Gartner has revealed that many consumers utilize the mobile internet and social media to study about the products and services before making any purchase.

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